Check It Out

Some libraries may still be closed or on limited capacity right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t load a book or audiobook onto your favorite device and give it a read (or a listen!), even if you don’t currently have a library card.

This was posted a ways back on the Morgan County Public Library’s Facebook Page, but I THINK it is still in effect after checking the KY Libraries Unbound site:

Big News!!! Don’t have a Library Card? During the Covid-19 Closures you can access Ebooks and Audio books on Overdrive and KY Libraries Unbound with just a cell phone number! Go to

If you are using a phone, tablet, etc. we recommend downloading Libby on the App Store. You can give us a call at 606-743-4151 for more information!

What do you need to get started?  Well, pretty much any device will do.  Any of the Amazon tablets (Kindle, Kindle Fire, etc) will work nicely, as do iPhones and Android devices.  You can also load them up on Windows PCs.

When you visit the Overdrive page, you’ll see a link to a cool little application called Libby.  Libby is what I’ve been using on my phone to play audiobooks, and I like it quite a bit.

You can read more about it here … or if you are having issues with it, there’s more information here.

I’m sure a lot of the more popular titles will be a little scarce, but maybe you can find something on your list you’ve been meaning to get to.